Sunday, September 12, 2010

Popcorn and Oreo and Gigi

Hi hi ! I know i havent been on my blog since along time ago . So now im here !!! I got some new pets . They r two gerbils they r soooooooo CUTE ! I got two gerbils one gerbil is white and black i nmed it Oreo the other one i named it Popcorn its kinda darkish baish color. Oreo is so sweet she doesnt bite or want to nibble on people and she is somtimes lazy. Popcorn on the other hand she does alot of excercise on her wheel and if u put your fingers infront of her face she would think your fingers chew toys and will nibble on your fingers but it doesnt hurt. I also have a miniture yorkie her name is Gigi shes so adorable she always wants to lay down with you shes very smart and shes very playful she loves to chew on things . But she would never try to bite people unless people r teasing her or they r bad guys. So there you go! You know my most cutest pets in the world to me!

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